Regional Scrum Gathering 2024 Ghent

Call for session info.

The call for sessions will start on the 9th of October, 2023.
The call for sessions closes on the 1st of March, 2024.

Decisions about being selected for the conference program: Mid-March 2024.

For people who have submitted a session, you can access the list of sessions via this link:

The conference is an in-person (on-location) event only. No remote sessions.

You can create a session and refine it based on peer feedback.

Sessions are possible with a maximum of 2 presenters. Any co-presenter must be known and defined in the system before the call for sessions closes.

Submitting a session proposal and peer review will happen via the Propile session management system (by Re-Evented).


  • Business/organizational agility
    • What’s needed to reach true business and organizational agility? We had a decade of focus on agile frameworks such as Scrum, followed by a decade of main focus on scaling agile; post-COVID, the need for organizational adaptiveness and agility hasn’t gone away; it has only been amplified! So, what does it mean to become truly agile? What differentiates the top 10 companies of this world from the rest? Do these companies talk “agile”? What’s your approach and empirical evidence to increase business agility? Give us insights!
  • Product agility
    • Scrum Product Owners know their job is more than product backlog management; how do they achieve meaningful product adaptiveness? Incorporate product management techniques and assumption-driven product development. Deliver more with less, innovate, rapid prototyping, and be a mindful Product Manager. What else? Give us insights!
  • Team agility
    • The core of an agile organization is the agile team. Being an agile team is more than practicing a framework. It incorporates living principles and values. What insight can you give us regarding team agility truly value-stream aligned? How do you extend team agility beyond the virtual organizational boundaries of an organization? Customer focus? 360° product agility?
  • Technical agility
    • Product agility can only speed innovation and instant value delivery if technical agility allows it. Decades of technical practices exist, yet many companies struggle with technical debt, product debt, and long lead times. What’s needed technically to deliver value continuously and frequently? Give us insights!
  • Leadership agility
    • We invite you to be a part of an enriching exploration into the dynamic realm of Leadership Agility. In an era of rapid change and unprecedented challenges, the need for agile leadership has never been more critical. As we navigate the complexities of the modern world, it is imperative to delve into the multifaceted aspects of leadership agility that empower individuals and organizations to thrive in the face of uncertainty. The organization’s leader influences the “operational system” of the organization and culture. Some example topics include adaptive decision-making, inclusive leadership, strategic innovation, and emotional intelligence in leadership.

Session types

  • Keynote (limited slots available, on the invitation of pre-selection of the organizers)
  • Interactive talk (30 or 60 mins)
  • Hands-on workshop (60 or 90 mins)
  • Experience report/case study (30 mins)

Session timings

  • 30 mins
  • 60 mins
  • 90 mins

Session criteria

You can create a session and refine it based on peer feedback.

We expect you to:

  • Create a session with all details filled in (this includes a Short description, Full description, Outline, or timetable, and Extra information)
  • Give feedback to other sessions via the perfection game.
  • Reply to feedback given to your sessions, and keep refining your session based on these comments.
  • Indicate clearly in the extra information if you have delivered this session before or not at other conferences.

Remember the following review criteria, and remember that the best way to get to a high-quality session is by trying it out and improving based on honest feedback.

  • Who will be interested in this topic? Would you go to this session?
  • Is the description clear and inviting? Will it attract its intended audience?
  • What value will this session bring to participants and organizers?
  • Why is this subject relevant to Scrum, Agile & beyond?
  • How does this session fit the conference?
  • What’s innovative and unusual about the session? Topic, format.
  • Does the session also address why things (don’t) work, and not just ‘what’ and ‘how’?
  • Is the session structured so that its objectives can be reached?
  • Is the timetable realistic?
  • How does the session format facilitate learning?
  • What are the expected results and outputs? Can these be communicated to people who were not at the session?

Session selection

We strive to make the process open and transparent by involving the community. There’s, however, no such thing as a completely objective selection process. As a program committee, we will also apply some other criteria:

  • Diversity of presenters; balance between experienced and new presenters; presenters from different countries; presenters of other gender
  • Diversity of session formats
  • Diversity of topic
  • Diversity of prerequisite knowledge or experience needed from the participants
  • The balance between real-world experiences, tools & techniques, innovative ideas
  • A maximum of 2 sessions per presenter and no more than one session per presenter per day
  • The involvement of the presenter in the perfection game (to review sessions of other presenters)
  • Affinity and affiliation with the Scrum Alliance

Submitting a session

The call for sessions is closed.