Regional Scrum Gathering 2024 Ghent

Organization comité

Program selection group

with the additional support of volunteer session reviewers!

Non-profit organization

The organization and the hosting of the Regional Scrum Gathering happen via Re-Evented (the non-profit foundation behind the XP Days Benelux and Agile Tour Brussels).

We welcome all collaboration and seek volunteers for session track reviewing and on-site assistance during the conference days.


The organization does not follow a strict upfront plan. Most of our events are based upon experience and a proven format; for new events, we launch an MVP (location, offer, pricing) and keep iterating and incrementing until we reach a break-even point. Once traction is proven, we can scale up as needed and desired.

We believe in and are guided by the principles and values of agility.


We align with the Scrum Values.


We are all in for our teammates, our community, and the change we wish to see in the world. We follow up and follow through, so we’re careful about what we say yes to. We know it is okay to disagree with one another—but when we do, we discuss it privately; in public, we speak with one voice.


We are willing to say no, to ask for help, and to try things. We question the status quo and challenge it with compassion. We are strong enough to adapt to shifting priorities and brave enough to celebrate when things go differently than planned. We speak with honesty and clarity because it’s kind.


To meet our goals and delight the community, we finish what we start and take on limited projects. We are fixated on delivering value, not on a to-do list. While our specific plans will evolve, we are relentless about enabling the community to succeed because they are the center of our work.


We always have more to learn, so we consistently seek new ideas. We are transparent about our individual and collective areas of opportunity and are willing to seek feedback from our teammates. We continually demonstrate our work and know that doing so is a competitive advantage.


We honor the voices, skills, and contributions of others. We recognize that we are better and stronger because of our diverse backgrounds and experiences. We treat one another as whole, creative, and purposeful beings with positive intent. We add to the ideas of others as we listen, share, and encourage.