Regional Scrum Gathering 2024 Ghent

Conference programme

Conference program: Thursday and Friday


  • All sessions in the plenary room will be in a theatre-style presentation.
  • All sessions in the workshop rooms will be in a cabaret-style setup.
  • The room’s capacity will limit the number of attendees in a session. There is no such thing as “pre-registering” to a session. As you enter the conference on the day, you choose which sessions you will go to and join.

Speaker announcement videos

Deepti Jain – Understand and redesign Organizational culture to derive employee satisfaction and business growth.
Agility in Chocolate Manufacturing @ Barry Callebaut by Maarten Van Elsen & Stijn Van Durme
Bent Myllerup – Agile Leadership: The Vital Role of Sensemaking, Integrity, and Authenticity
Dries Malfait – MVP Mindset in Digital Product Development
Jan Neudecker – Don’t count your reps, make every rep count
Cherie Silas – Constellation Coaching Methods for Teams and Individuals
Els Van Hecke – Erik Collard – Facilitation Circus – Juggling Introverts and Extraverts
Bojan Smudja – Team motivation booster with PCM (Process Communication Model)
Nigel Baker – Unveiling Failing Scaling – ING
Jurgen De Smet – Mastering Organizational Evolution: Strategic Agility
Ben Cooke – Some people are natural facilitators, aren’t they?
Suzanne Lagerwij – Influence Without Power – Why Empathy Is Your Best Friend
Gunther Verheyen – Moving (your) Scrum downfield
Geoff Watts – Mindful Product Leadership
Alexey Krivitsky and Roland Flemm – Thoughtful Organization Development with Org Topologies
Ana Nad – Lejla Vulović – Building product teams beyond organizational and geographical boundaries