Regional Scrum Gathering 2024 Ghent

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Scrum Alliance

At Scrum Alliance® , we’re a passionate community of changemakers who want to transform the world of work. We believe in the power of real-world agility and we work tirelessly to provide our community with resources and support they need to be changemakers in their own organizations. We strive to equip our community with the tools they need to get the job and get the job done.

We envision a world where an agile way of working is so universal, it’s simply called working.

Since 2001, we have supported the agile movement as the only member-driven nonprofit certifying body in the agile space. As a trade association, we were founded and funded by the community for the community, a privilege we take seriously. We continue to nurture the agile movement by providing education, advocacy, research, community, and connection.

Our Mission
To advance real-world agility by equipping and inspiring the changemaker in everyone.

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We are Agilar: A CST led company and our team of over 20+ coaches is recognized for pioneering contributions to the industry. Acknowledged as one of the premier Agile experts in Europe, we have been at the forefront of groundbreaking Agile Transformations across the continent. We were born doing what we do: Agile coaching, training and consulting. Now for more than 15 years we have been consistently growing by supporting our clients create healthy, sustainable, innovative and high performance working environments using Agile frameworks. We continue to grow and are always on the lookout for talented Agile coaches and trainers interested in collaboration opportunities.We are based in Belgium, Spain and Argentina.

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iLean was founded in 2009 out of a passion for changing the world of work. We wanted to bring more effectiveness and humanity into teams, by guiding organizations in their Agile journey. Initially, we did this by working on Agile product development and project management; often within IT departments and IT teams, but also outside this branch.

We became excited about facilitating the Agile mindset, both at management level and within teams, and guiding them through a real, substantial change.

Over the years, we have grown into an immensely passionate team of +15 experienced coaches and trainers who support companies of all sizes in their development processes towards being more agile.

Our mission 

“Agile Impact. Inside out.” 

It’s our tagline, our mission, but what does it mean? 

Agile impact 

We strive to make a substantial impact because we don’t believe in hollow buzzwords. We’re allergic to “fake agile” where managers or teams wrongfully think they are agile because they implemented an ‘agile tool’ or use post-its. To make a lasting, valuable impact, you need to adopt Agile as a mindset, a way of working, something that is connected within your core. 

Inside out 

To achieve real agile impact, your entire team and organization have to be drenched in it. When you adopt an agile mindset from the inside out, that’s when you can really make a difference. 

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Miro provides a visual workspace for innovation that enables distributed teams of any size to dream, design, and build the future together. Our mission is to empower teams to create the next big thing by creating a place where teams can create together seamlessly, regardless of location.

Today, more than 60 million users in 200,000 organizations including Under Armour, Ikea, Deloitte, WPP, and Cisco depend on Miro to improve product development collaboration, to speed up time to market, and to make sure that new products and services deliver on customer needs.

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VisAgi is more than a company, it’s a way to live business. Collaboratively, playfully, purposefully.

VisAgi started as a meetup in Ireland with the intent to inspire novel perspectives and color the walls of the grayest corporate environments. From the beginning VisAgi has offered to any fans of collaboration, from curious newbies to emerging thought leaders to acclaimed worldwide expert, a platform where they could explore how to bring to the next level their best work

Strong of that experience, VisAgi now applies the same mentality in any work it does with its clients.

VisAgi doesn’t prescribe any approach. Instead it wears the client’s jersey adding just a touch of VisAgi colors. It blends seamlessly in whatever environment they are invited to join and from within it finds a way to introduce a breakthrough change.

The How is tailored to the specific needs and never pre-baked: it could be a more formal training that leads to certification that surprises for its interactivity or it could be the creation of a large community of people enthusiastic about change or an immersive session of visual thinking.

VisAgi is always keen to talk to those people and organisations that love a thinking partner who can help them generate momentum toward positive change. It’s equally exciting to be part of a creative initiative to bring purposeful fun in the workflow.

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